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If I were a Viking!

Ari H. Guðmundsson Yates

Rögnvaldur Guðmundsson


So, you think you know all about the Vikings, Huh?

Well, so did Aaron, until he casually ran into the ghost of the Viking, Leif Eirikson! Aaron is – shall we say – an “unruly” little fellow, who enjoys tormenting his teacher. But he’s about to learn that if he wants to be like a REAL Viking, it’s not all just fun and games. Join Aaron and his out-of-control classmates on an epic journey in rhymes that is also almost 92% historically accurate!


About the authors:

Rögnvaldur Guðmundsson and Ari H. Guðmundsson Yates are almost entirely sane Icelandic twin brothers who have always loved history, cartooning and joking around. And wouldn’t you know it? They have just now combined their history-loving-cartooning-joking-power to write and illustrate this awesome book.

Ari illustrated and co-wrote the book and Rögnvaldur wrote most of the rhymes in the book.

Their mother Anna Hólmfríður Yates, educated as a historian, works as a translator and writer in Reykjavik, Iceland. She is the author of  a “grown up” book about the Viking Leif Eriksson. She made sure the book was (mostly) historically accurate.


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