Ari H. Guðmundsson Yates and Rögnvaldur Guðmundsson


Ari and Rögnvaldur Guðmundsson are Icelandic twin brothers who share a love of stories, history and silly immature jokes. They now combine their passions in this very silly, mostly historically accurate book.


Ari Hlynur Guðmundsson Yates has degrees in graphic design and graphic storytelling (the making of illustrations, comics, children’s books etc.), as well as a teaching degree. He has published several children’s books and works as a freelance artist/illustrator/writer/designer in Viborg, Denmark. 


Rögnvaldur “Reggie” Guðmundsson studied management before getting into writing travel articles about Iceland. He currently lives in Sweden with his wife Kalere and daughter Valkyrja, where he works as a search engine manager for the newspaper Aftonbladet.